In response to the changes happening daily with the Coronavirus, Community Support Services of Niagara (CSSN) continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and is adjusting programs accordingly to ensure everyone remains healthy and the spread of the virus is minimized.

CSSN is pleased to have maintained service to our existing and new Meals on Wheels clients during the past several months, and we look forward to continuing to serve your needs in the coming days, weeks and months.

In response to the Coronavirus, CSSN modified its services to provide assistance with grocery orders and delivery to your door. We are grateful to the United Way Niagara in providing funding to support our work. We continue to offer this service through the recovery/re-opening phase.

The following programs have re-opened with a series of safety precautions. Please call your local office to discuss.

1. Homemaking Program
2. Transportation Services
3. Safety at Home Program

The following services continue to be on hold, with virtual options being provided until further notice.

1. In home friendly visiting program
2. Lunch out dining program
3. Wellness Support Living Program – All buildings

All CSSN offices remain closed to visitors.

For All Program and Services

1. CSSN will continue to screen staff and volunteers on a daily basis.
2. CSSN will be conducting regular screening of our clients when services are being rendered, by asking a series of questions about you and those whose live in your house.
3. CSSN has implemented safety measures following recommendation of Chief Medical officer of Health and Local Public Health Department, to ensures the safety and well-being of our clients, volunteers and staff.
4. Meals and or groceries will be delivered using a contactless delivery option to your doorstep. The volunteer will ring the door bell, step back and wait for you to answer the door. If you are physically unable to pick up your meal, please advise the Coordinator and arrangements can be made.
Your health is of top priority to us and if you wish to cancel your service, you may put your service on hold until the Coronavirus situation subsides. Once you are ready to resume service, you need only call the office to advise the coordinator.

If you have previous referrals from our office for a broker worker to come to your home, CSSN recommends that you screen workers prior to coming to your home or wait to have work completed until the COVID-19 situation subsides.

Thank you

Carolyn Askeland
Executive Director
905 682 3800 ext. 701